Bet on corner kicks

One of the most intriguing betting lists given by the bookies is connected with corner kicks in soccer matches. It is a great betting option because it is not connected with the real ending of the match. It gives also lots of new opportunities and variables for betting. There is another reason why the corner betting is so popular – the bookmakers are giving lots of different coupons for corners. Here in this article we will take a closer look at some of them.

The first betting option given by the bookies for corners is to guess their total sum. Usually the bookies give the punters a line and they have to guess if the sum of all corner kicks will be above or below this line.

Another really popular betting option is to give to one of the teams a handicap with a few corners. The punter should pick who the winner will be having in mind the handicap.

Another betting option is to pick the time of the first corner kick. The punter is betting his money if the first corner will be before or after a minute given by the bookmaker.

The bookies are giving even more betting options connected with corners. For example, the punter can pick which team first will reach three, five, seven or nine corner kicks in the match.

Finally on corner betting you have an option called multiply corner betting. The goal here is to pick if the multiplying of the sum of total corner kick for both half times will be more or less the line given by the bookmaker. For example, on the first halftime we have 6 corner kicks total. On the second they are 5. So, the final result will be 6*5=30.

Betting on corner kicks could be really exciting and profitable. It is a great option for betting, which often gives only two possible outcomes, which is its real benefit to the punters.

So, if you don’t know what is a corner kick in football, watch this video of the coolest corner kick ever


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